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patiri - the port of alonissos


me on our awesome sailing boat

the amazing monastery!

one of the many places where we leapts from the sailboat into...


im now on the island of allonissos, in the sporades in the north of greece. its part of a protected area, so i actually saw dolphins yesterday when i went sailing! the water is amazingly clear i can see my whole white body beneath the water

im no longer brown in comparison to all the others here.

and no one really speaks english, so i feel really quite homesick. but its taken me three days the leave the blinking place so im off tomorrow and i head to roma.

well, ill get there eventually - its monday night and im hoping to book accommadation for thursday night, so thats a long time to get there really isnt it? anyways. im okay, feeling pretty homesick to be honest and kind of just want to go home and sleep in my own bed. funny really because everyone i know tells me how jealous they are, but anyways, sometimes your own bed is the best place you want to be. even if it means i have to go to uni the next day - at least i know if anyone at uni rips me off 30 euro i can hit them up about it! here i dont know until its too late. im learning a lot actually, money really does make the world go around!!!

no one here wears sunscreen, unless its with an spf of 6 - except for me because im terrified of having to hide in the shade all day - because its hard to find! the water is amazing amazing amazing.

im staying in a little house with this crazy old lady with her crazy daughter, the bathroom is absolutely disgusting, the shower sprays onto the toilent and you are not allowed to flush any lou paper so it stinks until its taken away. the room is really breezy though and actually really quite relaxing too.

i met an italian man today who is staying at the same place as me (everyone else are romantic couples and its making me sick... or lonely) and he actually works in theatre and television believe it or not! he took me out today to a beach that we had to get to on his scooter, and we stayed nearly all morning. then we had lunch - a traditional spinach pie, greek sweets and amstel, and then i fell fast asleep in my room as i was trying to get sorted for the afternoon session of the beach!

there was an amazing storm here last night! absolutely incredible i tell you! so i stayed in and wrote some journal and relaxed thinking about the world and how bizzarre it is to think of where i actually am on the world map in my flat.

the night before last i saw a traditional greek band, and they played for so long.i was told theyd dance and stuff but perhaps it was too hot. it was cool seeing them play all of their traditional instruments but i felt like such a loner.

anyways, im off to italy again, then berlin and then copenhagen, then thailand and then home. im looking forward to coming back actually! love you lots


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