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Kids at the Lake Eagle Landing State Park

Silver City Idaho Hotel, Darrell, Bev, DeWayne

Family Lunch

Doris and Darrell Sidecar

Michelle and Darrell Sidecar

Norma and John just resting!

July 31 through August 5, 2008

We are here in Caldwell, Idaho for Doris’ family reunion. We have 14 people from California and the two of us from Florida and 6 from here in Idaho. We each have been going our own way except for Saturday August 2nd when we all got together for the day at Eagle Landing State Park. This is a pretty little day use park with a lot of shaded areas, a “beach” and swimming area, a snack bar and one waterslide. The day turned out to be one of the best days we’ve had. Cool (as long as you are in the shade) with a nice breeze. The kids had a great time swimming in the lake and on the water slide. The adults enjoyed the outdoors and relaxation and conversation.

My brother, sisters and brother in law have been showing John and me around this area. On Friday we went up a BIG mountain on another crooked winding road to an old mining town called Silver City. There are about 70 historic building there, all older than 100 years old. We walked around a little but mostly went into the Idaho Motel and had burgers. I found out later that there is a two-story outhouse there. I wish I had known about that, I think it would be a sight to see.

On Sunday the family got together for lunch at a Mexican restaurant. Please see picture. Later my brother Darrell stopped by the campground and took me for a ride on his motorcycle. This was first for me, riding in a sidecar. His motorcycle and sidecar is Russian made. One picture is me and the other is my niece Michelle.

During the week we also went to Boise to the “tater” store to buy Idaho souvenirs. And we toured the Old Idaho Penitentiary. The Penitentiary was Idaho’s prison from 1870 to 1973.

We finished off the week with dinner at Norma and Mel’s.

Thanks to all of you who showed John and I a good time, cooked us dinner, and generally made our time in Idaho great.

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