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Site 102 - Hickory Hollow Campground, Rockwood, PA

Walters Covered Bridge - Doris is still wearing a sweatshirt at 130...

The support structure of the Walters covered bridge

The covered bridge spans a small stream

1770's cabin by the covered bridge

An 1830's farmstead by the covered bridge

Pole Beans and Squash in a garden by the 1830's homestead by...

The Trestletown Bridge built in 1873 and restored in 1993

The Trestleton Bridge covers a fairly large span

It also has a completely different support structure

An American Legion display next to their building acroos the street from...

The smaller Glessner Bridge built in 1881

It has to have a clearance sign since it is still being...

Since it is still being used it also has a more modern...

Doris decided to stay in Libby while I snapped the picture

Flight 93 Memorial Tribute Wall

Part of the back of the tribute wall

Sign for visitors















The Angels of Freedom - one angel for each person aboard Flight...

The sign explaining the Angels of Freedom

This is the entire temporary memorial with the exception of the parking...

The site of the old temporary memorial across the street

The flag marks the site of the actual impact. Only family members...

A picture of the future permanent memorial to be built in the...

The Flight 93 Flight Crew Memorial Garden outside the Flight 93 Memorial...

The Flight 93 Memorial Chapel just West of Shanksville, PA

Flight crew 1

Flight crew 2

Flight crew 3

Flight crew 4

Bench 1

Bench 2

Bench 3

Bench 4

Part of the memorial garden

Very nice stained glass plaque in the garden

3,000# sign made from a remnant from the World Trade Center donated...

We arrived here at Hickory Hollow Campground early Friday afternoon after a $24 trip on the Pennsylvania Turnpike. It has to be the most money I have ever spent to drive on a terrible road but you don't have much choice unless you want to go twice the distance. Half of the trip was in construction areas or the road was so rough it should have been under construction. DirecTV setup was quick and easy, no wireless but the airphone has an adequate connection. This campground is fairly new, only three years old, and has fairly large, pull-though sites with full hook-ups.

It's been so long since we have had full utilities we almost didn't know how to act.:)

Friday we played the tourist. We went on a covered bridge self-guided tour.

This area has numerous covered bridges but only three of them was within our range for the day's plans. One of them was even still in use on a country road. The first one we stopped at was at a site where they have also moved a couple of old homesteads from the 18th and 19 century.

Between the second and third bridge we went to the site of the UAL Flight 93 crash on 9/11. The site is about three miles north of the little town of Shanksville, PA. The memorial itself is temporary and unremarkable but the contents was everything but. I have included a large quantity of pictures of items that have been left and erected there. Most are without captions but captions are not needed. You can't help but feel very humbled by the visit.

The last covered bridge

was the smallest, but still in use and was located between the Flight 93 site and the Flight 93 Memorial Chapel

which is about three miles west of Shanksville. This memorial was mainly for the flight crew but was also very sobering. I have included a few pictures of it as well.

Tomorrow we head for the Harrisburg, PA area. Home of Hershey and the Amish.

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