Jane and Terry - Around the World 21st May '04 to 20th April '05 travel blog

Stick insect...

Fluffy caterpillar, fur like needles!!

Massive tree growing everywhere at Mulu Caves

Pretty butterfly

Tez outside one of the caves



Lake in the cave

Millions of Bats

Happy Birthday to Janeee

JG: visted a few caves, very nice. Nearly stood on yet another snake, as Terry was asking me "what are you scared of most slopes or snakes" I shouted "SNAKE!" and he thoght I was answering his question! It was only small but raised up, ready to attack, Terry just got out the camera!

We watched millions of bats fly out of a cave at sunset, v cool.

Stayed in a lovely resort so had a lovely birthday chilling out by the pool, massage and lovely dinner where Tez had ordered me a chocolate b'day cake. We fed the whole restaurant with it. Then we went to the bar and participated in some cheeky kareoke, highly embarassing but quite amusing!

TS: Stayed at best place in town. Walked to some really huge caves - largest in world. Stayed until sunset to watch approx. 2 million of them fly out in an almost continual line. Amazing to see. Some great stalactite/stalagmite formations. Relaxing day on Jane's birthday. Bought cake large enough to feed whole restaurant and kitchen staff...and we almost managed to do just that.

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