My Canadian Excursion 2008 travel blog

I will be leaving to go home tomorrow. Mom and I will stop at SC Thursday night and then be home on Friday. I have had a wonderful vacation. I have never had so many days off in a row before, well -- since I was 18. Going back to work on Monday -- all good things have to end. :)

In Ohio, I have been buzy. The day I arrived, the drywall in the girls bedroom and the hall/stairwell was just finished. The drywallers were just about to leave when I got there. So plans for painting commenced. And I am glad to say that Lewis and I have finished all the painting - last coat applied today.

David has been to the hospital/clinic 5 times since I have arrived. Last Friday, he got a blood transfusion. The doctor said that it maybe wasn't necessary but just to be safe.. Anyways - that took all day - no joke. We dropped Jen and David off at Akron Children Hospital at 9:30 and took Hannah and Mary to the zoo (that was fun) and we left the hospital around 5pm. poor little guy. He is gaining weight though - more than 5 pounds now.

Well - I will be home soon - and moving into Diane's apartment shortly after I get back. So you Floridians know where to find me. Can't wait to be home :)

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