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Bridge open -- cars waiting

Bridge Closing

Close call for a small sail boat

Georgian Bay vista

This was the day we left highway 17. It was also a galley duty day for me, but with a few substitute galley crew members. James, a TdC veteran, who rode with us in BC and Alberta, rejoined us in Kenora to complete his training for a triathlon in Owen Sound on August 3. He has inspired numerous members of the tour to participate also. Several individuals and relay teams have signed up teams, but some of then have had to swap cooking duty in order to attend. We have 4 people not usually on our galley who will be cooking with us tonight, including Brendon and Andrew.

I rode the first part of the day with Brendon down a quiet country rode to Espanola where we waited in Tim Horton's for Andrew and Heather, before heading south to Manitoulin Island.

The bridge between the main land and Manitoulin Island is a swing bridge which, on summer days, opens every hour on the hour to allow boats through. Needless to say this can cause some traffic delays. Our timing was such that we saw the bridge after it had opened. We also go to see some excitement just after the bridge had closed when a small sail boat ran out of gas and had to be towed to safety by a power boat. At the time the current was pushing it towards the closed bridge. The current through the channel under the bridge reverses depending on changes in the relative heights of Lake Huron and Georgian Bay due winds etc.

A long stop at a great ice cream shop in Little Current, just past the bridge gave us time for 2nds and 3rds.

The rest of the ride to Manitowaning was relatively uneventful, but did provide some great views of Georgian Bay.

In addition to being high performance athletes, the triathlete cooking crew substitutes were high performance choppers and the ingredients for the chicken stir fry were chopped in no time. As the next morning was going to be a rush to catch the 9:10 ferry from South Baymouth, 36km away, we prepared as best we could for breakfast. I had a swim, and went to bed.

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