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We went to visit the Dunes. We climbed up the Dunes a frist time and it wasnt that difficult. When we arrived to De La Foret, where we camped out the Dune was about 20 feet from our tent. My 9 year old sister,5 year old cousin, and I climbed the Dune a second time. After we got to the top we ran down to the outher side where their was a beach not many people their just another family. We wanted to go swimming so we decide to climb back up and get our bathing suits. Not even half way bqck up the Dune we couldn't go any more. The Dune is more than 300 feet. My cousin started to cry for her mother and when we were almost there my mom and anut were their to help us make it. After that we swear never to climb that Dune again. The next day we did the same thing. Now were back and my legs hurt a lot. But I plan on coming back with my friends.

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