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The Alamo

Pretty riverwalk

Riverwalk's effects on amy's doo

We're sitting in a surprisingly nice super 8 in San Antonio. We've sat here for quite a while today. Partly because it's 110 degrees in the shade here. And partly because, we rolled into this town knowing the Alamo was cool and the river walk was there... but that's about it. We got here pretty early because Austin is only about an hour and a half from here, and being used to 6+ hour drives, today hardly gave us time to get sleepy. We checked in and got our room and proceeded to take a nap. Hey, this is a vacation after all. Once we headed downtown and found a parking spot, which took three times the time of just the drive, we made our way to the Alamo. We arrived at 5:34. Gates close at 5:30. eh. Still got a decent shot of one of the sides, though not the front, because my picture doesn't look anything like the postcards. Then on to the river walk. It was pretty cool, kind of like a redneck Venice. I had Lyle Lovette stuck in my head the whole time. Ate at a place called Rita's that had the best flour tortilla's I've ever eaten. Two beers, and a crooked walk around the gift shop later we headed back to the super 8. We did meet a sweet dog on the walk. Probably a street dog, collarless, but she was really happy. So of coarse we petted her for a few minutes and then faced an all too familiar circumstance of trying to lose her by walking fast because we couldn't fit her in the car... else we would have brought her with us.

So now we have been faced with the dilemma of tropical storm Edouard. Our original plan was to head to New Orleans from here but now we're doubting if our weather luck will hold out as Eddy has turned into a tropical storm from a depression today. I guess we'll check the weather in the morning, still not decide and flip a coin. It's all up to chance now. There's no way to know what might happen. it's crazy.

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