Anne & Tom Visit Ireland travel blog

Breakfast with Ed and Caroline - our friends from England

Off on a walk

We passed this mural many times

Caroline and Anne check the map

Caroline and Ed admire the local artists' work

This display of art is a Sunday tradition

There were hundreds of paintings

The art is hung on the fence surrounding Merrion Square

A massive building

All the lamp posts had this decoration

Inside Merrion Square

There is a lot of public art such as this statue

Another statue

It almost looks like Oscar Wilde is alive on this rock!

Tom sits in the chair memorializing the actor from "Father Ted"

Chimneys still adorn the buildings

One street had brightly painted doors

The tourists get a carriage ride AND authentic costumes

Stained glass in the National Museum

Dinner at Buswells Hotel dining room

Back to the Trinity Lodge

Sunday, July 20

Caroline and Ed suggested at breakfast that we walk over to Merrion Square - both to see the Sunday art-on-the-fence exhibits there and see the park inside the square. Dublin has wonderful public art, including an expressive statue of Oscar Wilde and a chair dedicated to the actor played "Father Ted" in the British TV series from about ten years ago. (We are now enjoying the series at home on DVD - it is that hysterical British humor, John Cleese-style.)

After lunch, Tom and I went to the National Museum of Archeology (no photography allowed) to see some terrific exhibits from Stone Age Ireland on forward, including an incredible exhibit of gold artifacts (see Dublin is a great walking city, so we got a lot of exercise doing these activities, so another delicious dinner at Buswells Hotel dining room, where Ed and Caroline have stayed before.

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