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I hadnĀ“t realised till today that I had not put an entry on my blog for the whole of July - am so sorry to be so crap but between having so much fun and Argentina and Brazil not having great internet cafes my blog had slipped my mind. Well I have made it all the way through Chile and into Argentina, passing by the amazing Igazu Falls and up to Rio. In Rio I said goodbye to my found freinds from the Dragoman trip and decided to stay in Brazil for 3.5 extra weeks to travel with my friend Lucy from the trip. So we left beautiful but a bit scary Rio and caught a 2hr flight up to Savador de Bahia on East coast of BRazil. Salvador is a very beautiful city and has some amazing beaches. From here we caught a 2hr cataraman to the island of Morro Sao Paulo and we discovered paradise - white sandy beaches, plenty of palm treee, parties on the beach and the sun was shining :-) - we planned to be here for 2 days but ended up staying 5 we liked it so much. We then braved the Brazilian buses and moved onto Ilheus to get rained out of there with torrential rain forecasted for 3 days, so we kept on moving and yesterday we found ourselves in Porto Seguro. Which is famous for - yep you guessed it more white sandy beaches :-) . From here all the way down to Rio are hundreds of stunning beaches, Lucy and I plan to visit as many as we can to let Lonely Planet know which ones are the best :-) and which ones the cold beers taste best on... i will be back online again soon to fill in the gaps for July. Dont forget to check out my facebook for more up to date photos. Lou x

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