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Colorado - No more corn!

The only "Brush" in Brush,CO

Brad and the "kids" about to hit the road

Rockies In the Distance

Rockies In the Distance

Beef - Its Whats for Diner!

Nebraska Corn

Day 3!

Yesterday we traveled to Brush, CO wich is just to the East of Fort Morgan. It was a long day,we were very tired. We swam in the pool, ate and then went to bed. We slept a long time!

Yesterday in Western Nebraska it was 108 degrees. I have never been anywhere that hot. I've heard "but its DRY heat". It doesn't matter - IT WAS HOT! 16% humidity and breezy - but the heat just sucks the moisture right out of you!

Brush CO was such a strange town. A hotel, a gas station, chinese food and Wendys. Oh, and two correctional factilities - one for men and one for women! Wierd. The photo I attached is the only "Brush" that I could see! We met the sound crew of Joe Diffey (country singer) in the pool. They were headed to a county fair that night for a concert. Even if they had offered passes, I would've declined. I could not keep my eyes open much longer. Sidney & Shelby were happy to be out of the car. They hogged down a bunch of food, drank water and played. Sid was so happy to see his ball, he brought it to bed with him.

We entered Colorado yesterday about 5:30 est and the landscape began to change. No more corn, just wierd dried up looking ranges with lots of cattle, horses, donkies.

This morning we left our hotel 8am local time - we did have to go back to get our pillows that we left. Luckily I realized it about 5 miles down the road.

We're getting our first glimpse of the Rockies. You can see the peaks way in the distance of a couple of the photos. Along Route 34 where we are now, heading towards Estes Park in Rocky Mountain National Park, there are all ranches. We just passed the biggest cow farm I have ever seen - there must have been 10,000 head of cattle.

I'm sure I'll have more pics to share this eveing after our drive through the Rockies. All is well. We are really looking forward to today in the Rockies, Brad has never seen them and the last time I did, I was 13!

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