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Eagle Pass

Revelstoke below

Glacier Lily

Heather Lake and the subalpine meadow

Amongst the blooming Heather's


Indian sculpture


Snow in July

Lake Revelstoke

Surrounding mountains

Dad I made it- but do I have to walk all the...

Wild lupins

Unusual flowers

Daisy type


The Meadows in the Sky Parkway climbs 1600 metres and 26km to the subalphine wildlife meadows of Mount Revelstoke National Park. There were several viewpoints on the drive up the mountain that offered incredible views of Revelstoke and the surrounding mountain ranges. The road at sixteen switchbacks.

The road goes as far as Balsam Lake. After that you park and walk up to the summit or ride the summit shuttle to Heather Lake (fame at last!). As we had Jenny with us we walked the summit trail up. We made quite a lot of noise as we climbed as we had been told that two juvenile grizzly bears had been seen in the area. No bears seen thank goodness. The other problem as soon as we got out of the Jeep was the bugs- lovely!

After our short walk to the top we walked the Meadows in the Sky loop trail through the subalphine meadows, with views of the “icebox” and the backcountry. We could understand why it was called Heather Lake as there were a number of heather plants- the first we had seen in North America. There we also the Glacier Lily which was just finishing blooming. There was an interesting Indian sculpture by the “Icebox” looking out with peace pipe to the mountains.

We then walked the Firetower trail which also took us to the “Parapets” viewpoints. The trail took us to the summit point of Mount Revelstoke and the historic firetower. There were 360 degrees panoramic views from the summit. The viewpoints gave us views down on Lake Revelstoke.

Our walk back to the jeep was by the summit shuttle road so we could see the beautiful wild flowers which were in bloom. There certainly were colourful. We recognised some of them.

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