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approaching Libby

Can't believe it is August 1st already. Hope everyone is enjoying the summer!

We had a very scenic drive from Kalispell to Libby yesterday. Passed some beautiful lakes and drove through National Forest areas. At one point we passed through a huge logging area. I hope you can see (in photo #2) the roads that the logging trucks use. Many trucks loaded with huge logs were going down the road.

We managed not to hit a cow in this "free range cattle country". Actually, we didn't even see a cow but we did have three deer cross in front of us -thankfully- with plenty of room in between them and our coach!

When we arrived in Libby the campground we selected was really not the greatest. The one across the street was much nicer and had availability so we hooked up there. We sat outside to read and our neighbor came over to chat. Seems his wife dropped something on her foot and she is getting around on crutches. She is taking Vicadin which makes her sleepy. Poor guy pretty much has to do everything and he was grateful to sit down,relax, and talk to someone.

Had some leftover marinara sauce so we had ravioli for dinner this evening. Finished the cherries -boy they were delicious. Hope we come across more road side farm stands .

We should be in Idaho by 2 or 3 this afternoon. Rumor has it that we will hear forty trains a day at our campground. That might be an exaggeration but I've got the earplugs out anyway. There aren't many camping areas at all in Sandpoint so we will grin and bear it. I'll let you know just how much of a "train lover's" paradise it is!

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