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More west coast realitives. Not sue if this is mom's side or...

Awesome polar bear

Little cat... Meercat actually

Big cats... Really big actualy

Happy Giraffes

The zoo is really more of a visual thing. Awesome that we have pictures huh?

After our marathon day at the zoo, we rode around Oceanside California after looking for a free wifi hotspot to book a hotel room in Tucson. We arrived back at "lake crazy" to stay the night before heading to Tucson. The gate was closed so I managed to empty the contents of my purse on the road outside while trying to open the gate and then stepped on my phone while looking for those contents. Nice big gashes in the phone now. I was a little nervous about camping there again. We pulled up to our campsite and all the same people surrounded us including what may have been the crazy man's truck. Oh, and someone had stolen our lantern. I should've known better than to leave it there. If it was crazy man's truck he either drank a lot less or a lot more cause I never heard him. Of course it could've been that I was passed out myself from a long day and little sleep the night before. Either way, we made it another day and we're off the Tucson. The red roof inn awaits.

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