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So we drove all day from our nice accommodations in Pacific Grove to Lake Jennings just outside of San Diego. We got to experience LA rush hour which extended our drive time by an hour or two. Needless to say, we were ready to be anywhere by the time we arrived at Lake Jennings. We drove up to the ranger station to a sign that said the ranger was out on patrol for the next 15 minutes so we waited. I should point out that we arrived at the ranger station at about 7:55. The ranger arrived back around 8:05. He pointed to the sign that said he wasn’t supposed to take reservations past 8 and said the only reason he was making an exception was because he was out at 8. He gave us a nice campsite by the lake though and we headed off to set up camp. We pitched the tent in what was left of the daylight and headed out to find some food. We noticed that some guy was belching which Cameron found a little creepy cause he sounded like a frog and each belch was followed by some exclamation of surprise like “holy mackerel” or “holy moly”. I didn’t have a problem with it at the time. We returned from dinner and decided to turn in. I wasn’t sleepy so I worked a crossword puzzle. Cameron wasn’t sleepy so he immediately passed out. Here’s where the fun begins. The ladies (I use that term loosely) beside us had two children with them who they kept calling bitches among other things. Someone’s phone rang at some point and there was yelling at the girl who turned it off cause “it might be grandma”. Anyway, they finally quieted down enough to make a comment about Cameron’s snoring so I turned over on the air mattress to give him a little jostle and break up the snoring. I turned the light out and finally fell asleep around midnight. Around 4:30 I heard a baby cry. Not long after that someone puked and then the creepiness started for me. Our belching neighbor was rustling around very loudly and jumped in his truck and took off. I assumed he was going fishing but 10 minutes later he was back and louder than ever. There was clanging and rustling broken up by his “holy moly” exclamations that followed all the belching. I naturally assumed that the clanging and the rustling were the garbage bags and shovel he was going to use to bury us. By this time I was sitting up in the tent looking out the window wishing I had brought the mallet for the tent pegs in with me. Cameron was up now too encouraging me to go back to sleep. I heard the guy get back in his truck and take off again but he had done this before so it wasn’t very comforting. I had to look and see if his stuff was gone too so I got out of the tent and Cameron followed pointing out the fact that we didn’t know if he had stuff in the first place. We decided to ride down to the bathroom since we were up anyway. When we got back, he hadn’t returned so we decided we could stay for the night or morning by then. I finally got back to sleep around 6:30 or so I think. Cameron pointed out the guy was drunk. That hadn’t occurred to me. I think I’d have felt better about my chances of survival. Ah well, live and learn, or not, we’re staying at the same place tonight unless I see that truck. Then, we’re headed to Tucson.

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