Rushing Streams All Along The Road

Another View

Info About Hatcher Pass

Gold Panning Allowed If You Are Brave Enough, That Water Is Rapid!

Waterfall Flowing Into Stream

Massive Mountains

Wildflowers On Bottom & Snow On Top, This Is An Awesome Place!

Incredible Views

Valley View

Critter Crossing The Road

More Critters On The Rock

Look At The Road We Drove

View From The Top Looking Down

Lots Of Snow On The Top

Incredible Views

Another Critter

Another View

Hatcher Pass Lodge

Old Independence Mine

Another View Of The Mine

Views On The Way Back To Palmer

A Stop At Fred Meyer's, Look At This Basket

They Are All Over & Beautiful

Last One!!

We have really enjoyed our week in Palmer. Today we went for a ride to check out the town of Wasilla and then went for a drive to Hatcher Pass. We were really surprised at the size of Wasilla. I don't know why but we didn't expect much and it turned out to be a good sized town. It had a Wal-Mart, Target and much more.

The drive to Hatcher Pass was incredible. Rushing streams of beautiful water along the way and massive mountains. By the time we got to the end of it we had climbed to almost 4,000 feet. Some of the roads reminded me of Denali and I would never try taking our coach there. It was a bit scary at times but was a very exciting drive.

We did not have time to visit the old mine. Here is a link for more information about.

Independence Mine State Park

We saw several critters I am still trying to figure out what they are. We also have a mama moose that keeps coming through our campsite with twin babies. I wish I could get a picture but she is fast. We are leaving in the morning heading toward Valdez. More later from Alaska.

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