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Another day, and surprisingly, another day with some sun, some quick showers, too, but mainly sun!!! We woke up this morning and a "permanent" was steaming crabs he just caught. He gave some to us, they will be our appetizer for dinner tonight. The fella also gave some to our friends, Marvin and Lynette. What a nice way to start the day, we have found that Alaskans are a little rough around the edges, but are kind and generous. We arrived at the ferry terminal around 8 AM, and there was a guy throwing fish heads out for the eagles. We saw and photographed lots of bald eagles, while waiting for the ferry.

We traveled on the TAKU today through the Wrangell Narrows, there are 62 markers-red and green that the captain has to stay between. He has 2 extra hands serving as lookouts, one on the bow- he's the bell ringer, and another on the bridge. In order to take a large vessel through there, the captain must correctly draw the position of all 62 markers. There are places where the boat has but 2 feet of water below her, there is little room for error. To complicate things a bit this morning, a slow moving barge was in front of us, and the ferry must maintain 10-12 knots. We did have to slow, and then we were able to pass. Our friends were on the ferry with us, but they are continuing on to Ketchikan, so we parted paths today. We exchanged phone/email, and said our goodbyes. They are farmers from Minnesota, and they invited us to visit anytime.

Our campground is affiliated with the tour company we will be using on Friday, we are the only RV here, they have 8 spaces. We have full hookups, and it's a small step up from our previous spot. We went downtown and got information at the visitor center. Wrangell is a small town, it doesn't seem as "upscale" as Petersburg, but they do offer access to the ANAN Bear Observatory. We will start out fresh in the morning. Now, on to the crabs, can't get any fresher can they? Dinner is in house tonight, chicken breasts and stuffing.

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