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Woody Point Lighthouse

Clouds over Woody Point

Old Loft Restaurant (Lunch)

Inside Restaurant

Discussing Internet Service

One Stop Shopping

Gros Morne Discovery Center



Trout River Pond (Fjord)

Trout River Harbour

Beach at Trout River

Getting Ready for Windr

Buying Seafood

Today we did the drive along the southern part of the park which dead-ends into Trout River. As with many of these drives, you go and come the same way; there are no loops.

We stopped for lunch at The Old Loft Restaurant in Woody Point. In 1922 fire destroyed the waterfront, including more than 55 buildings. The town has worked hard to reconstruct its downtown area. The restaurant was able to save the original beams in the ceiling. When leaving the restaurant, we saw a man sitting outside the local Library with his laptop in his lap! We stopped to talk to him about weak “Internet” service. The Library was closed for lunch, but had a sign that they were part of the CAP program, so he was hoping to be able to pick up the wireless signal on their porch. The program CAP stands for Canadian Access Program whereby the government is trying to connect all Provinces to the Internet. Maybe it will happen soon!!

We got a close up look at the Tablelands and stopped at the Discovery Center. It’s one of the best displays we have seen for a Park Visitor Center. The bronze Tablelands are flat-topped mountains, part of the earth’s mantle which broke loose during the continental divide and were raised from the ocean floor and planted squarely on the continent. Geologists come from all over the world to study this phenomenon, since nowhere else is the earth’s crust more easily accessed than in Gros Morne. They have been able to show that four to five hundred million years ago the rocks were part of an ancient ocean. Plants and trees don’t grow well on the Tablelands because of the high levels of magnesium that were brought from the ocean floor.

We drove to Trout River, another seaside fishing village that also has a boat tour of a landlocked fjord, the 9-mile Trout River Pond. As in all these villages, residents have piles of wood to prepare for the very harsh winters.

We shopped at a local fish market for salmon we plan to cook one night soon for ourselves.

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