South America - June 21st to September 2nd 2008 travel blog

Today we had a late start, about 10am so that was nice, we left our bags at reception/the tourist office and then headed to the bus terminal to get bus tickets to Villazon which is border crossing into Argentina.

At the bus terminal we had a choice of getting bus tickets at 180 bolivianos to Salta where we wanted to go, or to pay 15 bolivianos and go only to the border which was just under half way. We decided to go for the cheaper of the two!

While waiting for the afternoon bus we headed back into town to use the internet, have lunch and then to buy snacks for the bus journey.

Back at the bus terminal we found our bus, quite a delapidated relic compared to the other buses we had use to date. The roads in southern Bolivia are so bad that even if we had a nice bus the journey would have wasted the experience of a nice bus. A few hour down the bumpy road we came across a road block in a little village so the driver took us off road which was very very bumpy!

Finally we made it to Villazon, here we got our backs from the storage compartment, the bags where covered in dust but after a bit of beating they were clean enough. Then we started the walk down the road to the border where according to the Lonely Planet guide we could get much better buses on the Argy side.

We stopped at a cash machine and got chatting to a couple of Brits, Pete and Jess, who were living in Newquay and will be moving to Truro when they retur. Here we also got chatting to a Swiz couple. We headed off seperately to the border and crossed over to Argentina, and then again met up with the Brits and Swiz so went to the bus stop together. Here us and the Swiz booked tickets to Salta for a few hours time, and the Brits to Buenos Aires which is a 29 hour bus journey away!

We went for dinner together at a small cafe and chilled out, then we went to use the internet before going to catch our bus to Salta at 11.45pm.

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