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a painting in the museum. The museum is not a typical white-walled...

Dali had the museum built before his death, which allowed for his...

this painting has two views... one of a man's face and another...

part of a ceiling painted by Dali.

a huge mural under the dome inside the Dali Museum

a painting under the dome that pulses both the face of Abraham...

28th, Feb. 2005

I took an early afternoon regional train two hours north to Figueres to see the Salvador Dali museum early this afternoon. Figueres was his hometown and he built and organized the museum before his death. The views of the Mediterranean on the way were superb. The plan was to see the museum in the afternoon and take an evening train to Marseille. My guidebook claimed the museum was open everyday... which of course was wrong. And I was there on the day it was closed... of course. Luckily I found a reasonably priced hotel.

This whole siesta thing in Spain can be frustrating. All I wanted was some groceries, just some meat and cheese. The supermarket near the hotel was closed for siesta from 2-5 PM. This goes for almost all shops of any kind. Everything just shuts down. Luckily there was one grocery store still open. For a ridiculously low price I bought 15 slices of chorizo, ten slices of gouda cheese, a chunk of Danish blue cheese, two baguettes, chocolate, fanta, clementines, and a bottle of water. I was set for at least two days. I just chilled out in the room for the evening, reading, thinking, listening to music... the norm.

1st Mar. 05

I spent a few hours at the Dali Museum today. It is a unique museum experience and ranks near the top during this trip. The most interesting aspect of the museum is the museum itself. It is not a building with white walls and paintings curated by a gallery manager. The building itself is art, as are its corridors and stairways, all put into form by the artist himself. Although many of Dali's famous works are not inside its walls, taken as a whole the museum is enthralling. The entire ceiling of one room was painted by Dali of himself and his wife. A small room of his personal art collection gives the visitor an idea of Dali's taste in art.

I returned to the hotel to pick up my backpack and groceries before heading to the train station.

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