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For our family trip, we decided to go to Mexico, just across...

Willis, Jon's brother-in-law, helped to find a great vacation home rental for...

The house we stayed is 3 stories with 5 rooms and 3...

There is a large patio, a perfect place for morning breakfast

Close to the house is rugged shore lines for different water sports

Playing at the beach right outside the complex

Swimming in the pool

Eating fresh seafood in the vacation rental house

For our first dinner, we went to a nearby town, Puerto Nuevo,...

The price of small lobsters were reasonable so each one of us...

The next day, we went to Encenada's fish market to buy fresh...

We had the seafood cooked at next door resturant which served these...

For the last day, we went to Tijuna's cultural museam

Inside the museam is a color map of Mexico

There is also a wall mural done entirely by pencils

Crossing the border back to the US took an hour with street...

Due to I and my sister living in China and Kygyrstan, we don't often have the chance to have everyone together in one place. Half a year ago, Jon's father already planned this week for our small Su family (10 of us) to have a family trip around LA.

After some searching, we decided Mexico would be a good place to relax, go to the beach, and have some seafood. Willis was very good in finding a vacation rental house near Rosarito Beach, about 20 miles south of the border. It has 5 bedrooms, 3 baths and can sleep 10 adults! It has TV, kitchen, living room, and all sorts of water sports equipments, such as surf boards, kayak, etc. There is also swimming pool and jacuzzi at the housing complex.

Crossing the border from US was a breeze. There was no stopping needed and no traffic. Since the places we are going to are near the US border, US currencies are used with no problem.

After settling down, we went to a nearby town, Puerto Nuevo, that is famous for serving lobsters. The town is tiny but it packs about 30 restaurant's all serving lobsters only. We ate the lobsters fried, grilled, and steamed together with Margarita! It was a good meal. Although the lobsters are small (large ones are very expensive), the meat is quite juicy and tender.

At night, we watched Evan Almighty together and had great laughs. In the morning, we ate at the open patio under cool breeze. It was nice just to relax as a family and chat about anything and everything.

For lunch, we drove to Ensenada (40 minutes) to the fisherman market. There were all sorts of fish and shell fish at 1/4 to 1/3 of the prices in LA. It was a great feast to eat large clams, abalone, yellowtail, shark meat, and octopus. The shark meat MakoUS$4.5/kg) was especially delicious cooked as fish tacos. The abalone was disappointing as the skin was tough but we got what we paid for.

In the afternoon, we tried swimming at the beach but the wave was a bit too strong for the children so we spent most of the time at the pool and jacuzzi.

For the last day, we went to the Cultural Center/Museum at Tijuana, instead of the usual shopping spree. It was a nice change where we get to see all locals instead of tourists. One highlight was seeing exhibits where artists used only pencils to draw murals on the walls and on paper table clothes. It's amazing the effect one can get. (see pic)

Crossing the border back to US was draining as it was a slow, stop and go traffic for more than an hour. What a contrast from coming into Mexico. The border inspection on the US side was obvious much more rigorous. Only at the end, we saw that there was actual lines for cars with 3 or more people. Too late.

We really appreciate our parents for their love in making the time and footing the money to have these rare family vacations.


1) Vacation home rental is especially good deal for a large family. Regular hotel room with 2 beds cost about US$ 80-120 per room. This vacation house costs US$250 per night.

2) Lobsters at Puerto Nuevo costs about US$15 for 3 small lobsters, including drink, rice, tortilla, soup, chips.

3) For US$3 per person, restaurants next to the fisherman market in Ensenada will cook anything you purchased at the fish market, together with salsa, chips, tortilla. It's a great deal.

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