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I have made it back to the plains of northern USA. so glad to hear my own language ALL THE TIME. You know sometimes, while in a conversation with a bunch of people, you lose interest and your attention is diverted elsewhere. But anytime you wish you can jump back into the conversation and add input. Before I really go on, don't get me wrong. The quebecios are great people, most know english, they talked to me alot, I got to know many of them very well and I liked them - alot. But face it - the world is not all about me. so when we were with a group and they were talking to each other about a topic that didn't really concern me - the language was French. And while you listen to French, it is only fun to try to catch words you know (from my limited vocabulary) for about 15 minutes. And then you don't even know when would be a good time to join the conversation - because every pause that would be appropiate to interject might have been a pause to reflect or waiting for the other person to answer. And I didn't want to interrupt. That would be rude!!! So I did alot of listening - but now that I am back in the states, I can enter any conversations that I want to - yeah!!! I am in complete empathy with you, Amelie - I now know how it was for you the first time you visited us.

However, I loved being up in Canada with these people so much that I am seriously considering going back for some skiing over Christmas - Any of you Floridians want to come??? I will be flying if I go.

But anyways, I am back in Ohio. I have attached baby pics. Mom and I took the girls (Hannah and Mary) out to Putt and Stuff after church yesterday. I thought it was going to be for kids. - But it turns out it was for older kids :) The Kings, Kremeschevitz (sp?), the Zimmermans (I just met these folks) were all there. We went golfing, gocarting, bumper boating, batting cages, lazer tag, and arcade games. It was a fun day- lots of fun. I did want to climb the wall - but oh well. Oh, before I forget - Faith, Diane, Anne, Amelie and I am sure other people all say hello.

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