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During travels today we had a few different experiences. While traveling on VA I81 there was one sign saying to us: watch for falling rock, crosswinds, prone to fog in area and slow moving traffic. Why are people even travelling on the road anyway for??

But to our amazement there wasn,t any falling rock, no fog, some crosswinds and we passed all the slow moving traffic up on the right.

However that wasn't the only experience we had. We pulled off for gas and you will not believe what we were up against. People just standing at their cars visiting at the pumps after they finished pumping their gas, going in and out of the gas station not once but several times and we are there just waiting for some people to move to pull the truck in (we need two spots) BUT no one moved. I would say after 15 minutes or so Ed maneuvered around the other side and came in and finally could pump gas but when we were filled up and wanted to move through the SAME people were still there in front of us going in and out of the gas station with the doors wide open so you could not pull through. Finally the adults got back in the car BUT still didn,t move so Ed again maneuvered his way between to cars. We never ever had an experience like that at a gas station.

Third experience for the day the campsite. Let's say it was a place to hook and get out however they were very nice people let us stay beyond checkout to tour Lexington some on Sunday.

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