They drive on the wide shoulder of the road.

Or walk on the shoulder of the roads.

All the horses trotted proudly. Notice the guy on rollerblades in the...

In front of a store.

When this one went by we heard boombox music from inside.

Sarah and Jane getting a well earned bucket of water each.

Sarah and Jane

Dave wanted to show you how the size compares.

Jordan sits on the back to show the backdoor.

We ate lunch at the "Plain and Fancy" restaurant, really good.

Typical countryside, with Amish farm.

Next door neighbors suggested we jump into their car and go to Lancaster for a look at the Amish Countryside, eat at a nice family style restaurant and maybe take a buggy ride in a real Amish style buggy. Being a Sunday as it were all the Amish were in church till about 12 noon. All of a sudden they were out and on the roads. The Amish buggy is quite the modern little coach, with fine workmanship. The horses used for the buggies are trotters and go about 9 miles per hour. Beautiful animals all. Here's some pics. We sure enjoyed the buggy ride, pulled by horses, Sarah and Jane.

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