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Weeeellllll... We finally made it to Pacific Grove for a couple of easy days relaxing at the Haylings. It was pretty nice seeing the "other" ocean for a change. I had concluded somewhere between the grand canyon and vegas that California was home to the worst drivers I had ever seen. However upon entering The state i realized its really not their fault. They're trained to drive that way by the never ending labyrinth of one way streets, starting and stopping freeways and less than 90 degree turns, which although exciting almost caused the GPS to explode from re-calculations. But we DID make it and I have a newfound respect for anyone owning a motor vehicle in the golden state. So we arrived... hugs all around and headed to the neighborhood seafood place - bubba gump's shrimp company. Which was delicious. Umm..... Then... long story short... played guitar, backed the cousin on a stage that felt oddly like the set of Big kahoona and the California Twisters, (ok, i just made that up... Felt like a surf movie from the 60's) ate awesome homemade lasagna, played more guitar, saw the cousin audition for an opening slot for Jessica Simpson, (yeah, I guess they don't get real talent on the west coast so they have to settle for a Simpson. Allie, undoubtedly was the most talented and best put together of the 600 american idol wannabe's that showed up) played more guitars, said our goodbye's and headed down highway one. Got a little car sick, took some coast pics, and arrived at "lake crazy" in the late evening. That was extremely shortened, but I have to say the hospitality and out-of-the-way efforts would have made anywhere we went seem crazy. We were crazy for leaving. But the zoo was calling. Along with the inevitable return to work. So, I really want to just go on and on about how nice Jill and Barry and Allie were, but I think you all get the picture. AWESOME!!!!

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