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Still Amy...We arrived in Vegas and checked into our gambling hall and saloon. The rooms are very nice with a cool western decor. The bathroom had a stained glass window in the shower which I loved. I find that one needs money in Vegas to get the full experience but we enjoyed our time chilling out in the hotel waiting for the sun to go down so it wouldn't feel as hot. We did go to the Hoover Dam while we were waiting for time to check into the hotel. I think it was about 110 degrees outside. I felt like my shoes were melting to the pavement. Still, it was worth the walk around to check things out. So while in Vegas I got to have Indian Food, Cameron had good pizza, we slept a lot and broke even gambling. I spent $4 and made $4 when all was said and done. We walked up and down the strip and Cameron used me as a buffer against the guys and girls attacking with the strip bar fliers or cards or whatever they had. I tried not to make eye contact. We don't have too many pictures since we kept forgetting to grab the camera, but I'll post a couple. Just like we're going to have to return to Monument Valley with the jeep, we may have to come back to Vegas with money :)

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