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Heading home

Mojave Desert

Big and hot!

No doubt about it...we're heading east

They bonded too!

An unscheduled stop.....

...at sun down.

Striking beauty


Best I could do in the dimming light



A little surprise for Roe when she took Luke for a walk!..she...

Tues 7/22. The sad day has arrived. We are heading home. We will continue on 5 south and pickup US 40 east in Bakersfield, CA.

Our drive from Bakersfield, across the Mohave Desert to the Sierra Mtns. was long and hot. To add to the discomfort, the engine continued to run hot and when climbing the Sierra's, we again had to stop several times to cool the engine. At this point I started to be a little concerned, but was glad we chose the southern route home, where the mountains are less of a challenge. As we approached Flagstaff, AZ. We decided to make an unscheduled stop at the GRAND CANYON. It was already 6 p.m. but we figured we could make it just in time for the sunset. We were so close, how could we continue on without stopping.

We arrived too late. The sun had literally set about 2 minutes before we got there, but the light that reflected off the east side of the canyon created some dramatic scenery. It is an awesome place. All of us were glad we made the decision to stop there. We got back to 40 east and drove about an hour before stopping in a rest area for the night

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