2008 Keys 2 Canada travel blog

our neighbors at the 'Bates' RV Park

another narrow bridge

Nova Scotia landscape

Highway 16 with the Confederation Bridge in the distance

entering the bridge - that 80 speed limit is in kilometers per...

and the yellow light says you have to slow down for construction

bridge over the shipping channel

imagine closing one whole direction of the Golden Gate Bridge

and down onto P.E.I. at last

statue of Anne of Green Gables at the Visitor Welcome Center

we head out past potato fields for the west end of the...

frisky horses in the foreground - potato fields in the background

a look back at the Confederation Bridge - New Brunswick in the...

this is beautiful rolling farm country

antiques and potatoes

mural of an ice storm - on a wall in Sunnyside

you are never far from the water here

nor are you ever far from a farm

a venerable old church on the south shore

the rectory - protected by rods in case God sends lightning

a mural here as well

cemetery next to the rusty old quonset hut

but not a bad final resting place

entry arch

steam heat and carved wooden pews

those radiators probably feel pretty good on a P.E.I. winter Sunday


those 'marble' columns are well painted wood

side alter

main alter

a fine and holy place

outside the weather is getting darker

entrance to the bottle houses and gardens


path to the bottle chapel


wall of bottles

another view of the alter

people from all over the island brought him bottles - and eventually...

garden pond with very old fish that manage to live under the...

gabled house

house interior



visitors donate coins

the effect of standing inside one of these buildings is quite stunning

the patterns are luminous

and abstract

outside the color continues

outside is also a lighthouse

P.E. Islanders sure know how to grow flowers!

and a local sculptor donated this bottle 'tree'

garden bench

Mom making sure all the bottles have been properly emptied

they also had this healthy looking vegetable garden

planted for beauty as well as utility


a final look at the garden

fisherman's home

every other house has a boat

the road to our campground

our campground for the night

with a view of the water

the Northumberland Straight

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To another Province - Wednesday, July 23

Sometimes a chance encounter can change your plans in a heartbeat. This happened today as we were wandering down a lonely Nova Scotia road.

Madolyn and Lucy (the disembodied voice of our Garmin GPS) were having one of their ‘tiffs’. Madolyn wanted to go one direction, and Lucy wanted to send us the opposite way. Madolyn was winning but Lucy was getting nasty, and bitchier by the minute. Meanwhile the road was getting rougher, and narrower, and lonelier.

Then, as we were finally making the U turn Lucy was crabbing about, a man came out of the only house in sight and he waved us over with a smile. He turned out to be a local who also has U.S. citizenship, and he is a land developer currently hailing from Texas. We sat there right in the middle of the intersection, and in ten minutes he convinced us to abandon our plans to tour Nova Scotia for the next week and go to Prince Edward Island instead.

In the next half hour three cars came along and wound their way around us, while this witty, interesting kindly man told us in detail about all the places we must not miss, not only on P.E.I. but on Nova Scotia, Newfoundland and even Labrador. He could not have been friendlier or more helpful, and we were so fortunate to stumble onto that road to nowhere and find him. As we were thanking him and saying ‘goodbye’ he laughingly told us, “When a RV comes down this road you know they’re lost!”

We followed his directions to Highway 16 and in half an hour we were climbing the approach to the Confederation Bridge. 13 kilometers later we descended onto Prince Edward Island, the smallest province in the dominion. We stopped first at the large welcome center at the north end of the bridge, then headed out across the island to find a campground at the west end. We have four full days to explore the island, and our first impression tells us it is going to be a lot of fun.

There are miles of rolling farm country where the main crop is potatoes. Right now the potato plants are in bloom. Often in the distance there are views of the sound or the ocean that can take your breath away. We visited a fine old Acadian Catholic Church, and a wonderful place where a man built several buildings out of glass bottles. It would be hard to find two attractions with less in common, and yet both were uniquely beautiful and fascinating in their own way.

Before we found a campground for the night we managed to get lost again, but again a kind soul picked up on our confusion and stopped to help us. We camped for the night at a provincial park, with a site on the waterfront and a view across the sound of New Brunswick in the distance.

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