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overlooking le grqnd plage, biarritz

my surfboard

beautiful beaches

before the fireworks

amazing sunset

siobahn fron northgern island and our picnic


i decided to leave expensive; busy paris and find a beach somewhere and relax until my accommodation in avignon becomes free so here i am in biarritz where napolean III holidayed with eugenie apparently. the weather was amazing when i got here yesterday and was something like 30 degrees at 6pm and all the people in the hostel were either brown or sunburned like mad.

but then today was quite cloudy but i went into the town here and saw a church of eugenie which had shells in some of the columns instead of corinthian trees. then me a a swiss girl i met walked along the beaches and watched the surfers then came back to the hostel via a lake for a picnic lunch. then i realised finally why people have a siesta and considering i am so close to spain i happily obliged myself and enjoyed one.

the hostel is great lots of friendly people going all over the place and mostly all coming from spaing so they are very suntanned and not used to french. this town is split between french and spainish speakers and apparently back not so long ago the region tried to become seperate frol france. i quite like it here, lots of good music we had these spainish dudes sing for us last nighta dn they even dressed up in suits and wiastcoats in the heat!*

sorry about the typing this keyboard is annoying and the computer cant keep up with my typing because its sio slow so im making lots of mistakes.

ill put up some more pictuires lmater as i cannot do it on this one.

i have heard word that there is a chocolate museum nearby so i might have a nosey in the next couple of days...

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