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Caught mınıbus to Trabzon, very easy close by our Hotel...let us off at bottom of hıll which we hıked up to fınd LP recom place was full. Went down the street leaving our bags there and bought tıckets at Metro offıce...we heard that the bus to Tblisi fılls quickly this tıme of year. Then back and chked ınto Hotel Gold, even cheaper than LP one and just as nıce! Tomor we head 4 blocks to Metro bus offıce for shuttle to bus statıon and then 12 hour rıde arrıvıng at 11 pm!!!

Went to see Ataturk's Villa late afternoon and met a cycling couple from CO who've been in Turkey a month and three months in Morocco before (?). Check it out: Visit Steve & Kate

or see pictures just in Turkey:

Visit Pictures in Turkey

After about an hour or more of just chatting we find that the seven degrees of separation are alive and well...they went on Bonnie Wong's (now BK Hamma) 20th Anniversary Baja Tour!!! Are you reading this BK? Names: Steve Hoge & Kate Bernhardt Hope so! Anyway, we had a great time just getting acquainted and then saying adios 'til down the bike trail we meet again!

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