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Kruisin' the KOA

Aye Carumba!!


World Famous Zoo

Why did it have to be snakes?

That Croc will bite your arm right off!!

Hungry, hungry, Hippo.

Lions, tigers , and BEARS! Oh my!

How'd we get in this "neck" of the woods?

Historic Gaslamp Quarter of San Diego

Lauren can sure be persistant when she wants something! She had been eyeing up these bicycle carts at the campsite, so we decided to get it over with this morning. It turned out to be pretty fun. Jules went in the front basket, Lauren steered, and Dig and I got to pedal. Then we got another family workout walking across the border and into Tijuana, Mexico. What a weird experience. Life is so different there. In the 20 minute walk to town, past craft tables galore and guys just dangling silver chains over their arms, we were constantly bombarded by pleas to come to their store or restaurant. Darren thought it was great but I was so annoyed. We found a beautiful blanket and some dresses for the girls, and eventually let an artist sketch the girls' pictures. A few hours later we were off to our next destination, the Zoo. It was so beautiful there and the girls enjoyed seeing the animals while being pushed in a giant stroller. Lots more walking for us! We loved the snakes, hippos, giraffes and elephants. Then, since our day was not busy enough, we drove thru the Gaslamp Quarter in San Diego and picked up some pizza. This city is awesome and beautiful, hardly any traffic. Our next few days are unplanned as we venture toward San Francisco. It should take a few days to get there.

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