2008 Keys 2 Canada travel blog

our home at the campground in St. Martins

St. Martins home - the ony thing new is the dish

the road east

some bridges are a tight squeeze

rural New Brunswick

the roads here have a lot of patches

some of that green is corn

a nice study in contrast

did I say the roads here have a lot of patches?

this one just has one long patch

farmers cover their hay with plastic

a good highway nearing the coast

snug little marina in Alma - tide is mostly in

a good place to picnic

time and tides wait for no man - but sometimes man can...

a placid New Brunswick harbor

home of the World Famous Chowder

and they make a pretty mean lobster dip too

pines are healthy and thick here

and ferns thrive

Bay of Fundy - early evening

picnicing here in the National Park too

this guy had a lot of help but he still couldn't get...

not much you can do with no wind

a waterfall in the woods

grasses and wildflowers

and the tide still quietly ebbs and flows

the road home

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Fundy National Park Waterfall

In sight of Nova Scotia - Sunday, July 20

Athena has decided to fly home to California, so Madolyn spent some time on line setting up her airline reservations for July 29 out of Halifax, Nova Scotia. The people at the park were kind enough to let us stay an hour past checkout time so we could use their WiFi, and then we headed out for Fundy National Park at Alma.

The drive from Saint Martins was peaceful and relaxing, taking us through farmland and wooded hills on roads that were not deserted, but were certainly not busy. Sometimes we would not pass another car for several miles, and there were often stretches when there would be no one behind us for miles at a time.

The roads are full of patches and they are often rough. Repaving projects sometimes do not raise the manhole covers to grade afterward, so some of the potholes are horrendous. We usually get where we’re going and find our cupboards and refrigerator rearranged, but it is a small price to pay for seeing this beautiful country.

We finally arrived at Fundy National Park and a nice ranger called ahead to have the campground save us a spot. From the park entrance it was a twenty minute drive to the campground at the other end of the park, and when we got there the campsite was a good one. We decided to go into town and eat before settling in, so we drove the mile or so to the little town of Alma.

Alma sits right on the bay, and the tide was about half out. We found a restaurant that also serves World Famous Chowder here, so we decided to pay it a visit and see if the chowder was as good as St. Martin’s World Famous Chowder. It was, and we may have liked it even better. Since this place did not serve poutine we opted for lobster dip, and finished off with a great blueberry salad.

We went next door and bought some fresh local scallops and haddock for tomorrow’s dinner, and then picked up some ice cream too, and headed back to the park. We stopped at the Visitor Center and since the weather report is calling for an 80% chance of rain tomorrow, we decided to do our park touring today.

We spent the rest of the afternoon visiting two waterfalls and a small inlet on the bay, then headed back to camp and turned in for the night. Tomorrow we are headed out to see the famous Hopewell Rocks where the tides on the New Brunswick side of Fundy Bay reach their 36 to 46 foot peaks. Then it’s on to Nova Scotia, which we can now see in the fog across the bay.

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