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A big rock

Cave dwellings... it's what they got.

Amy and the arch

Old church house/movie set. Look for it in Breakdown w/ Kurt Russell

another big rock, sitting on top of an even bigger rock

Yeah, so Archview rv park and campground sits happily behind a Shell station. Pretty smart if you ask me, where else could you get a campsite and a klondik bar? We were in Mesa Verde last night for the little storm they had. I think sleeping in a tent in the rain is actually pretty relaxing. It didn't hurt that we were both pretty exhausted from the drive though. I must say I am a little disappointed at the lack of bears, except for in the ranger station of coarse. But with all the preparation we had to do and hiding of the food and what not I expected there to be one laying under the picnic table snatching up scraps. The park itself was pretty nice. We took a short drive after super and found the highest point. Then went around today seeing the cave dwellings. It blows my mind thinking about the people back then. What they went through and what their customs were. Blows my mind even more that the mountains we drove up used to be islands. All the way up here (Moab) I kept looking around thinking how crazy it was that 90 million years ago we would have been under water. Probably would have been pretty pressed to find a mazda too, but thats another story. On a car related note though I have to confess, I think i might hate toyota's FJ cruisers slightly less now that I have seen them in the proper environment. They don't have anything on a Jeep of coarse, but I guess I can see their purpose.

We Drove up to Moab, to Arches Nat'l park, and to our cozy little Shell station, which is only about 6 miles from the park entrance, this afternoon. Once we found the silly place, no thanks to Martha the GPS British hag, we set up and tried desperately to find the source of the vomit inducing smell of mildew that was living in the mazda. I'm still not positive we got it, so I guess morning will tell. The main lady who checked us in here started filling our heads with excitement over "the arches," so once we were set for the night we drove back down to the national park and started the "mile and a half hike" to the Delicate Arch. I put that in quotes because the mile and a half is rather a steep hike. And by rather steep I mean, if you picture a right angle in your mind, one side flat on the ground and the other side straight up, if you pushed the straight up side out, say half of a degree, that's what we hiked up for a mile and a half. It was probably the most either of us has worked since we left... Oh who am I kidding... probably ever. It was nice to sweat somewhere besides my back from being pushed up against the seat in the car though. The actual arch was pretty cool, although you could probably find a better picture in a book or something. The light was horrible for us and there was a storm coming in over the Lasal mountain range. (that's a little geography lesson for ya, although I can tell you its the highest point in Utah, I probably couldn't describe where its at, so look it up)

And so here we sit again, in a tent illuminated by only this computer screen and a goofy little green book light. The sides are breathing in and out with every gust of wind and the battery on this fancy little laptop is branding an apple in my leg, so I think it's goodnight. Lets see if Amy has a closing thought.... um... no.. wait... just hi, i guess. So hi. HI MOM, HI DAD!!! That's from me. I've learned two things over the past couple days. One, always take a towel when you take a shower in a public place... Funny story I must save for another day. And two, highways are so much prettier than interstates. There's no comparison.

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