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Zig-Zag Zorb!

Getting out of bed, even at 8am, seems more difficult that at home. Maybe it's the time difference and the fact that it is really on 5am - dunno.

The "Kaitiaki" shuttle bus picked me up at 9am and got back about 12pm. (Read about this in the entry titled "Whitewater Rafting".)

Back to the "Base X" hostel. Time for lunch. Found a little eatery on the main street and gourged myself on a huge gourmet pizza. It was very tasty but I could not finish it.

Decided to walk lunch off by exploring the town. It's quite flat. There is a park on the lake on which sea planes and helicopters are docked waiting for tourists. The town is quite a size but it is all about tourism. Everything is quite expensive and the smell of sulpher in the air is quite offensive, especially when the wind is blowing in the right direction.

Mid-afternoon, I made my way to an area called "Agrozone"; has a number of adrenaline-pumping activities like "Bungy", "Swoop" (whatever that is), and "Zorb". Zorb is way cool! It is a huge inflated ball with another ball inside it which you get into. (I could stand up inside the inner ball.) Then they push the ball down the hill. It was so much fun I was laughing my guts out all the way down.

Oh, there are two tracks for the ball - straight down and zig-zag. From watching on, I reckon zig-zag is better but I didn't do the straight down one. Didn't have enough time to do both before the bus got back.

Back to the hostel and decided to go for a run around the lake; again, the sulphur smells, almost sufficating but I kept on. Tried a gourmet burger for dinner - just okay though.


1. "Zig-Zag Zorb!" - the Zorb ball on the zig-zag track.

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