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West Bay Camping Resort, Site 45 - Rhinelander, WI

Beach and Pier at West Bay Camping Resort

Rhinelander Hodag

Early narrow-gauge steam engine used to haul logs from the forest

All aboard!!

A sample log carrying car

Old indian canoe from the late 1800s that was reconditioned by a...

Steam hauler and sled that replaced the old horse-drawn sleds

1940 International Truck

1918 Teacher Rules of Conduct

Teaching Salaries in the past

A few of the more than 100 antique outboard motors

My dad had one similar to this Johnson 7.5 HP

A Summer wigwam for the Ojibwe's

Our tour guide was very knowledgeable

The start of a Winter wigwam - a layer of bark followed...

Getting serious about it in front of a Spring-Fall wigwam

Paul Bunyan's Cook Shanty

Who can get through their log the fastest

These guys can chop some wood!

They get through this log in about 15 seconds

The guy on the left had a 30 feet head start up...

Fighting over - a girl, what else

Down, but not out, though he and his canoe turned over in...

Starting off a run over five logs end-to-end

The fifth log - so sorry, he got wet!

None of the four guys made it, but this one was the...

It was amazing how wthese guys could stay on the spinning log...

The one on the right is just kick, splashing the other one,...

Now we really have it spinning!

The winner!

We arrived here in Rhinelander (named after a person, not because there are German immigrants in the area), WI Friday after having the coach weighed. It was a pleasant 4.5 hour drive. I was happy to see that we were not overweight when weighed and was actually a little under weight for the tires both front and rear. This will allow us to reduce the pressure in the tires a little and have a somewhat smoother ride over some of these concrete roads up here. Rhinelander is also home of the Hodag,

a forest monster with associated sightings and lore similar to the Lock Ness Monster.

After getting camp set up, we went out to eat at a 97 year-old establishment, the Rhinelander Café and Pub. It was really a great meal with a tremendous atmosphere. It was funny to hear our neighbors discussing the Packers and Favre.

Saturday was full of tourist stuff. First we went to the Lumberjack Museum here in Rhinelander and enjoyed a very nice display. They had several buildings and rooms set up just the way they were 150 years ago. They also had a display of antique outboard motors that covered the first ones up to about 20 years ago, very impressive

. One building was set aside as a museum for the Civilian Conservation corp. (CCC) that was very active during the depression and the Wisconsin CCC still is active though the Federal program stopped a half-century ago. They also had some of the old narrow-gauge railroad equipment that was used during the logging boom years. Thay had a one-room schoolhouse that was similar to some others we had seen on this trip. I did include some pictures

showing the old pay scale and conduct rules.

After the logging museum we went to Waswagoning

, which is a replica Ojibwe (some call them Chippewa) Indian village. It took us about 2.5 hours to go through the guided tour which was very informative. We learned a lot about this small tribe that originated in the NE United States but later came to the Great Lakes region.

By that time we were getting hungry and had about two hours to the Lumber Show so we looked for something to eat. We found Paul Bunyan’s Cook Shanty

in the touristy Minocqua area just below Woodruff,WI where the Lumberjack show was. They had ribs, chicken and all the trimmings served home style – bring the platters to the table and everyone serves themselves. Platters are refilled as necessary. It was really good – that was two nights in a row for great food. You can’t beat that! They also had a gift shop of some of the most unique items we have ever seen. They had this one sign I almost bought - it had a picture of two six guns and said "We do not call 911!" :)

The Lumberjack Show was great. I had an idea what it would be like as it was identical to the lumberjack competitions you may have seen on ESPN. The show site is actually one of the sites they use for ESPN’s competition as well. These young men

really knew what they were doing. Not many people can chop and saw as well. They can go through a 12 inch log with a buck saw faster than most can get through it with a chain saw.

We haven’t done much today but do a little maintenance in the coach and get it ready for the trip to Michigan’s Upper Peninsula tomorrow. We’ll let you know more about that later

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