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It’s 2:09 here and I’m sitting in room 106 at the super 8 on university drive in Albuquerque. I made the fatal mistake of going to all the guitar stores yesterday so now I can’t find much reason to do anything. In case there’s any confusion… Amy is here for a brain conference with her workmate troy. The school bought him a plane ticket and paid for hotel rooms for them on Wednesday and Thursday night. The money for Amy’s plane ticket was converted to cash for gas since she had decided to drive. Which was probably pretty convenient because being that we had a car we could pick up troy from the airport and take him back after the brain learner’s dispersed. But since the conference is over at 3:30 today, the school saw no reason to pay for a third night. Which is totally understandable considering the $100 a night suites they were paying for. But rather than pack the car and scramble to Mesa Verde in hopes of finding a camp site we decided to stay on one more night here in Albuquerque, at a Super 8, for $41. So today I took them to their smart people thing, came back and packed the car and moved 2 and a half miles up the road to this place. It’s not a bad room. Plus I got to watch a middle aged man make an ass out of himself at the front desk while I was checking in. Apparently the lady who was checking me in was a new hire. Se was doing her best and was rather entertaining to me because she knew she was slow and it made her laugh. Then her computer crashed. Enter the most important man in the hotel. He was in a tizzy over a plane ticket he had purchased online and desperately wanted the front desk to go online to the southwest site and print his ticket for him…. Because as we all know that’s the front desk of a hotel’s job. He stated his need in the middle of the recovering of the computer. Then realized he had basically stepped on me to get to the front. Politely he apologized and said, “Just whenever you’re finished with him.” Ten minutes later he was regretting that momentary lapse of niceness, and showed it by slamming down the “confirmation number” on the counter and turning to begin a frustrated pacing path around the lobby. And almost in unison the clerk and I looked at each other, rolled our eyes, and chuckled, which is like pouring a box of salt over an open grizzly bear bite. (Sorry for the random grizzly reference. It’s been on our minds over the past couple days considering where we’re headed next.) I suppose the fellow got his ticket worked out. The way he was freaking out one would have thought his plane was leaving in ten minutes. And I may be wrong, as I haven’t done a whole lot of plane travel, but it would seem to me that if I bought a ticket online and had a confirmation number, wouldn’t the airline be able to pull that info up themselves. I may be over-simplifying it, as I am rather naive to the customs and concerns of an airport. So anyhow… That, in a nutshell is today.

Last night we went to a movie and ate bar-b-que. Yeah. We saw Wanted and ate at Rudy’s. The bbq was pretty good. The movie was, eh. Angelina Jolie shooting people, driving fast cars, talking. I think talking is really all she has to do because her lips have some kind of hypnotic control over my brain. I think she could make a 3-hour movie of herself reading the phone book and as long as there was a close up on her mouth we’d all pay money to sit in the theatre and stare. Then tell all our friends, “not her best work. I’d say it’s a renter though.” Although on our way down the hall to the movie hole we sat in for the next two hours we passed several batman hardcore’s waiting for the epic release of Dark Knight. Now I can’t fault these kids at all for wanting to be the first to see the late Heath Ledger play the most intense role of his all too short career, it seems I’ve done something similar… although I have blocked it from my memory. But what I CAN fault them for is sitting in the hall. Not that they were in the way or their faces, painted to resemble the joker’s, were creepy or uncalled for. Carpe Diem. But geez guys, your at a theatre, see a couple movies on you wait to midnight. Makes the time pass. Maybe they spent all their extra cash on the batman symbol t-shirts and face paint, and brightly colored emo hair dyes. Who knows for sure.

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