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Today we visited the battlefield at the Little Bighorn, Custer’s Last Stand. Custer was an idiot. He chose not to believe his scouts that all the Indians in the world were over the rise ahead of him and that 125 soldiers could not win against 2,000 warriors. He charged in and as one witness said; “the whole thing was over in about as much time as it takes a hungry man to eat a meal.”

A did attempt an update (above)...

He also mentioned that George A and George W have a lot in common.

Both graduated at the bottom of their class;

Both ignored their advisors.

The only difference being that George A shared the fate of his men.

We decided to employ native guides in our tour of the Battlefield. We took the Apsaalooke Bus Tour . Our interpretive guide was a Crow Indian, a student at Little Big Horn College. His perspective was a bit different than the one taught us in elementary school history books.

He (and the museum) stressed the point that about 42% of the soldiers in Custer’s unit were foreigners, many of whom did not speak English and had never ridden a horse before they enlisted in the cavalry unit. The Lakota by contrast had ridden horses from about the age of 3. Among the games Lakota male children played was one in which they charged each other on horseback in an attempt to knock their opponent off his horse. They were skilled horsemen.

Another game played by the male children was to shoot arrows into the air and see how many they could launch before the first one hit the ground. Many of Custer’s men had never fired a gun before joining the cavalry.

Also, by the time of the Little Bighorn battle, Sitting Bull was in his 40's and more of a spiritual leader to his people than a warrior.

The Lakota women were the ones who tended the home fires including breaking, moving and setting up camp.

For $10 for the two of us the tour in the air conditioned bus (the temperature was in the 90;s) was definitely the way to go...

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