Trip Out West 2008 travel blog

Our Three Week Trip

Lowest Gas Price: $3.85 in Rochester, Minnesota

Highest Gas Price: $4.69 in Brady, Nebraska

Total Hours Driven: 120 hours

Total Miles Driven: 5300

Stitches Received: 5 to Chris’ face (Annie took them out)

Emails from our Family & Friends: Great

First Time Truck in Repair Shop: 45 minutes

Second Time Truck in Repair Shop: 4 days

Pictures Taken: 900 +

Worst Pot Holes: Indiana Interstate 80

Hottest Place: Iowa 97 degrees (felt like 110 degrees)

Coldest Night: 26 degrees in Yellowstone on July 11th

Favorite Campsite: KOA in Billings, Montana

Cleanest Campsite: KOA in Rochester, Minnesota

Dirtiest Campsite: KOA in Detroit, Michigan


Favorite Memory

Chris: Leaving Billings, Montana and deciding on the way to Colorado to skip it and head to Yellowstone.

Annie: Seeing the Mississippi River

Miranda: White Water Rafting

Marissa: Mount Rushmore

Makayla: Little House on the Prairie

Christopher: Sailboat ride on the pirate ship

Favorite Animal

Chris: Male Elks

Annie: Moose

Miranda: Bear Cubs

Marissa: Bison

Makayla: Donkey

Christopher: Chicken (we are not sure where he saw this)

Things the kids said over and over again in the truck that Chris and Annie don’t want to hear again for a long time

Miranda: “I can’t hear the TV if your talking”

Marissa: “I’m hungry, Can I have a snack?”

Makayla: “Be Careful my baby is sitting there!!!”

Christopher: “I’m thirsty.” Followed by “I need to go to the

bathroom NOW”

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