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Continuing west.

Rush hour.... Wallace, Idaho.

On the way to BC...hello Seattle, good-bye Seattle.

Leaving the country...



I think we're somewhere about here!

Kilby Provencial Park on the Harrison River

If you look hard, you can see the mosquitoes!

Beautiful setting for a campground

I made it fit!

They thought they were under a palm tree.

This is amazing

Some of these are made by professional sculpturers who travel the world...

The detail is amazing!

Note the boys' forehead and hand against the tank glass








This one REALLY looks real!



They're actually at the beach.

A well kept secret

There's the beach

Harrison Hot Springs.

Thurs. 7/10. Driving down from the Rockies brought us through Idaho and into Washington. Rolling wheat fields as far as you could see. Never thought of Washington as much of a farming area, but I was enlightened. It looks a lot like South Dakota. Just when we were hoping for a change in scenery, we had our first mini disaster. We had been driving for an hour or more in very windy conditions – probably 35 to 40 across the highway and it was difficult to steer. Then the wind really picked up and we heard a loud bang. Having no idea what happened, we pulled off to the shoulder to find that the big awning on the passenger side of the motorhome had come loose and was blowing out over the roof. Fortunately there was a family in an RV behind us, and he pulled over to help.

It took myself, Roe and he and his wife and teenage daughter, ½ hr to wrestle the awning back into position and locked. It was like trying to furl a mainsail in a 50 kt gale.

Shaken but not daunted, we continued on to B.C. via Seattle.

Arriving in Kilby, BC just south of Harrison Hotsprings about 6 p.m. we were fortunate to get the last campsite in Kilby Provincial Park, right on the Harrison River. Our campsite was just a few yards from the water with a beautiful view of the river.

The only downside to this place, was mosquitoes. Thousands of them. You couldn,t go outside without spraying yourself. In spite of this, the ranger said this is one of the most popular campgrounds in the area.

Fri 7/11. Harrison Hotsprings is a little gem of a resort on Harrison Lake , which is nestled in the Cascade Mtns of BC about 50 north of the Canadian border. Roe happened to find out about this place on the Internet. Even with its remote location, it has the distinction of being known as the "Sand Castle " capital of the world. It was explained to us, that the molecular structure of the sand that is taken from the bottom of the lake, is such that they are like tiny building blocks, thus allowing the sand to be packed very tight and very high. Unlike ocean sand that is constantly being washed by the water and has no square edges. If you thinks that’s bs…look at the pictures. These things were built in May , and will stay up until Oct. Impressive

Steven and Deanna had a good time spending the afternoon at the beach, but the day ended on a downer! Deanna lost her swimming goggles in the lake,(her favorite goggles) so Steven "Cousteau" swam out and dove down to find them. Success! Deanna was elated! Steven however, was not as lucky. When he went to change into his bathing suit, somewhere on the beach he dropped his Ipod touch. By the time he realized it, it was nowhere to be found. He was very depressed, thinking about not being able to listen to his music for the rest of the trip, especially on our long driving days. He will survive! He's staying in contact with his uncle in london via email, for moral support.

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