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A rest stop

Welcome break for the driver

Pets have their own hydrant - note the sign size

Laundery at Broadus Montana

Crazy horse Mountain - this is Chief CrazyHorses head

Pennington County South Dakota our home state

Well folks say goodbye to the cowboy hat and boots from Texas, we are now South Dakotans. We chose Rapid city for our mail and Gary's drivers license and that is what we have been up to for the last week. Changing our home state.

We will miss Texas and we will probably winter there but South Dakota is beautiful especially the black hills of Rapid City. Our new mailing address is: Gary or Ethne Slusser, 2040 W Main str Ste 210-2132, Rapid City SD 57702-2446. Just remember it may take a while for any replies since we will still only get our mail approximately once every six weeks or so.

At the moment we are sitting in a wide spot along US route 18 and 85 in Wyoming and the wind is still blowing strongly. There is a car coming and I can see the lights even though it is still probably 10 miles away. There is just nothing anywhere. There are only three trucks and us here so it should be a good quiet night tonight.

Tomorrow we will go on to Lusk and eventually back to Denver Colorado. We will probably go into Texas and/or Florida for the winter and then its time to go give the kids a hard time for a change. So Jodi and Desmond get ready we should be there in early spring next year. Do not say you haven't been warned.

Today coming out of Rapid City we had a beautiful relaxing drive through very rugged mountains. I have included so photos from the trip out of Montana through Wyoming and into Rapid city and along that trip we saw the "Hog Wash" laundromat at Broadus the last town before we went into Wyoming. In Wyoming we stopped at a rest stop and found the cutest pet stop too. a real fire hydrant with a stop sign at about the eye line of a medium sized dog. It was just the cutest thing I ever saw. Anyways going through to Rapid City we went through Sturgis but since then we camped out at the Walmart in Rapid City and even there we noticed an increase in bikers. Thats because it is not very far from Sturgis and the bike rally starts on August 8th. Wish we could have been there for that but on second thoughts maybe not - we're too old. Too much noise and revelry for us.

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