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Today on our way out of Elkhart, we visited the RV/Motorhome Hall of Fame/Museum. What was really neat about this place was that they had on display campers from the early 1900's right through today's most modern units. Some of the early units were nothing more than tents on a trailer chassis. Some were beautiful, custom-built mahogany wood units with fantastic craftsmanship and were custom built in someone's garage. All of these early units led to the large RV manufacturers that are around today.

There were even a couple of Ford-built units based on the Model-T chassis. Anyone traveling through Indiana with an interest in trailers or motorhomes should definitely visit this place.

We took our time getting home Thursday. We stopped for both lunch and dinner and actually sat down in the restaurants. We also had an unusual number of health breaks. As such, the trip home took about 12 hours with about eight in driving. We got home last night - to a rousing welcome by the Melitas and Haudes - about 10:30.

We want to thank everyone who looked after our house while we were gone. We also want to thank everyone who wrote to us on this web site. Your comments were great to read.

Please take a look at our next post (our final, final post) which will show some stats from our trip as well as some of our "favorites".

Thanks everyone. We're actually looking forward to planning another road trip like this one sometime in the not too distant future.

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