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Hellroaring Creek leads from the Sawtooth to the Salmon River, just north...

Driving on Valley Road provides an awesome view of the Sawtooth Range

This one's for you, Giuseppe Stones!

Steve and Janet take a break from travelling

Hills and the Boulder mountains make a beautiful backdrop.

Hiking in the Boulder-White Cloud wilderness in July! Even though it was...

Washington Lake lies within the Boulder-White Cloud wilderness.

One last chunk of snow - I had to make sure it...

Just north of the Sawtooth National Forest and Galena Summit is the most beautiful valley, formed by the Boulder-White Cloud mountains on the east and the Sawtooth Range on the west. We stayed in Sawtooth City, at the foot of the sawtooth. In Sawtooth City is a ghost town that was full of mining activity in the late 19th century. Nowadays, it is a tourist mecca for hikers and snowmobilers. Across from our RV park is an airport where planes have to have perfect wind conditions or they can't get their planes over the mountains!

A few miles north of Sawtooth City is Stanley, home of the ranger station and Redfish Lake, which is one of many lakes in the area. The headwaters of the Salmon River are just south of here, and the Salmon runs swift and shallow through the valley.

There were few clouds during the week we stayed there. We had a brief rainstorm, otherwise perfect weather. We hiked in shorts and tee shirts, and couldn't believe our eyes that there was still snow on the mountain!

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