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Start Miles: 39,532 End Miles: 39,646

We traveled 114 miles today.

Today we visited Deadwood, SD, drove into Lead, drove through Sturgis and toured the Journey Museum in Rapid City, SD.

We walked around Deadwood a bit. Gee, but this town is well-marketed (translate “tourist trap”). Lots of gambling. Teri got the slots out of her system after she lost $125.00. Who needs greater gambling losses. At least some of the proceeds from Deadwood gambling go toward restoration and maintenance of the town itself which is a National Historic Landmark.

Deadwood’s major claim to historical fame was that it was the site of the murder of Wild Bill Hickock. Calamity Jane is also buried here. We never made it to Mount Moriah Cemetery - it was just too hot! We did stop and have Buffalo Burgers for lunch.

We contemplated touring the Homestake Mine (gold) but again, the temperature was in the 90's and we were uncomfortable. We drove through Lead a bit then headed toward I-90 and drove through Sturgis - a town with a population of about 5,000 which hosts a huge motorcycle rally each August. We just had to see it.

Before heading back to Mystery Mountain Resort, we visited the Journey Museum in Rapid City. It really kept our interest – we were there for over three hours and almost closed the place (the gift shop person was washing down the floor when we got there).

The journey museum begins with the geology of the Black Hills, goes on to archeology, the Lakota Indian culture, fur traders, homesteaders, ranchers, and the Rapid City Flood. They have a display of stuffed birds which helps to identify so many species. We probably could have contentedly spent a few more hours there. This is a museum we highly recommend.

By the way, gas stations in the Rapid City area give a 2 cent/gallon discount if you pay with cash. We also came across this discount other parts of S Dakota and Illinois and Indiana.

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