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Cameron says:

Hey. We survived the first night although I find air mattresses to be highly overrated. It’s like sleeping on a single person floatation device in a wave pool. And don’t even think about turning over. The gravel outside was looking mighty comfy at 3am especially since I could feel it in my hip every time I laid on my side. Got up, showered and got back on the road after a scenic little jaunt around the park (not by choice) and a trip around Alma, AR while the gps tried unsuccessfully to find us a wal-mart. But nevertheless we found one and are iced up and ready for whatever Texas has for us.

Oklahoma has actually been rather pleasant so far. It looks exactly like every cowboy and Indian movie I’ve ever seen. (minus the cowboys and indians of coarse) I’ve come to the conclusion the interstates were paved by three companies, the brown, the black and the gray. Brown actually seems to have a hold on the concept of a paved road, black may have dropped out just before the coarse on leveling, and gray is apparently run by a third grader who belives we all drive monster trucks around and never exceed 30 mph.

We’ve been really lucky weather wise so far. That’s probably famous last words before the tornado’s start chasing us around.

Thank goodness for the ipod jack and thanks derrick for the uncle tupelo. Good driving music. I guess I should be paying more attention to the road and less time typing. She seems to be getting a little nervous. I guess 70mph and laptops don’t mix. (just kidding, she’s actually driving… 50mph on the interstate… She’s truly her father’s daughter)

HI MOM!!!! HI DAD!!! Can’t think of anything else to type at the moment. Haven’t seen any bears or other potentially successful predators, although a wasp did almost eat Amy during lunch yesterday. Yeah, almost ate her. One bite. It was big. But she managed to fend it off using a sequence of anti-wasp movements she must have learned in a training class somewhere, as I have never seen anything quite like it. So down the road we go… into more construction. Obviously Oklahoma’s state flower is the orange and white stripped traffic rose. She just asked how the battery’s holding up on the laptop, which I guess is my signal to put it up…. So til tomorrow, or we recharge this old girl… BYE.

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