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Carved caves in the red clay


the beach

Onto Lagos.

Wow this was another brutal travel day, but then what did we expect traveling the entire length of a country in one day. We trained from Porto, (with me using limited Portugese and hand signals) to get us tickets with three transfers to Lagos which is a surf town. Since out pact to only hit beach towns and since Porto was a bit gritty this seemed like a great place to stay. We booked an apartment using hostelbookers.com and after a long day of travel and even longer time finding the place we finally had a fridge and stove to call our own. I bought cereal right away.

The one cool thing about traveling before peak season is that you can get great deals. There were a few people waiting hawking rooms at the station and an Aussie hostel owner offered us a ride to our place with the only condition we look at his hostel in a few days. Every place in town was dead but the option to cook whenever you want was too good to pass up so we bunkered down at the German ran room and watched bad tv for 4 days, I watched Man United win it all with some expats and vacationing Brits and we looked at the beaches as it was raining most of the time,

We went out for the best happy hour I have seen in my life at the Red Eye Bar. Sacha the feisty bar tender and the other Aussie girls kept us there for most of the night, well that and the pint glasses of cocktails that were free poured and 5 euros, AND two for one. They were mass smart, where we were about to leave we got another 'free shot'. They talked about Morocco and convinced us we had to go and not cut this out of the trip as we had planned. We drank late, went to another bar and danced and then paid far too much for a cab as we got lost in the city medina walls of Lagos.

The remainder of the time was planning Morocco, eating very non Portugese food and speaking English most of the time as most of the businesses were owned by expats, I would love to return when the weather was nice here it was a great little town but I think it gets really packed in the summer with Brits.

So inspired by the sassy Aussie girls we bought a rough guide about Morocco and then headed on a long ass bus ride to Seville.

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