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The main street of Nadi

Natadola beach

Malomalo village's meeting bure

Me & Ron - my guide for the day

The Crew

No surf? No worries!

Crow's Nest

Popular passtime - crab racing!

Day 1: Nadi to Crows Nest

My expectation before embarking on a bus tour called the "Feejee Experience" was that it was going to be a tourist's view of Fiji. I guess it was sort of that, but not like I had expected. This was a mixture of adventure-style activities and cultural activities (and fund-raising), but in the relative safety of a well-worn tourist path.

We started the trip today spending a couple of hours over lunch at what John, our 23-year-old tour guide, called the best beach in Fiji, Natadola beach. Afterwards, we drove a half hour or so to a village called Malomalo where we were shown around by the children of the village - each child attaches themself to one tourist and they become your guide. Many of us, if not all, were given the contact details of our child-guide to send pictures to them. I guess they like to correspond too.

Next, we continued down the road a little way to sand dunes for some tobogganing fun. I really got the hang of it this time and absolutely flew down that slope, twice! Unfortunately, it is such an effort to get up that I didn't go a third time, much as I enjoyed it. A local boy, not more than 9 or 10, showed us all up by standing on the board!

That night, we stopped at a hostel called Crow's Nest on the Coral Coast. Enjoyed a few beers and dinner while getting to know some of the people. The majority of the group are USA students travelling to universities in Sydney and Melbourne for a semester as part of their own courses. Some were from Boston, some from NY, and others.

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