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Flax -- a new colour

Narrow strp of pavement

Potage ls Prarir

t's hard to believe that it has been a month since I flew out to Vancouver to start this adventure. Time and the kilometers are flying by. This was galley duty night so I wanted to get into camp relatively early. By now we have all learned how ro pace ourselves to make the stops we want and still get to camp on time.

Today was a 138km day so at about the half way mark I went into Gladstone MB to try to find something to eat. Ned was coming out of the bakery and said the cinnamon buns were scrumptious so I had to try one. The bakery was full of people having a mid morning coffee break. I sat at the back of the bakery and was soon surrounded by locals interested in our adventure. I saw other riders come and go and soon realized that the locals were coming and going as well when I was re asked the same question by different people. One man said his son was involved with the bicycle club in Portage la Prairie and a friend of his had a bike shop. Later in the day when I went into the bike shop the son was there and came up to me saying " my dad was talking to you in Gladstone this morning… " It's a small world.

The paved part of the shoulder was often very narrow on the two lane highways that we were on today. At one point highway resurfacing left a very narrow strip of smooth pavement to ride on the edge of the rode; this went on for 10;s of kilometers.

But it was another day of tailwinds  even though they weren't too strong.

The galley crew came through again with a lot of teamwork that led to a well receieved meal. We were late in serving it so perhaps the way to get people to like your cooking is to make them wait until they are really hungry 

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