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As we talked about in our last post, we went to the Adventureland Amusement park today. While this wouldn't normally be a newsworthy event in our lives, it was for one reason: the end of kiddie rides for the Angeluccis. At this park, just about every ride only required a height of 42", even the roller coasters. Yes, Makayla and Christopher have graduated to the "big kids" rides. At the beginning of the day, they did ride some of the smaller rides but once they had a taste for the big stuff there was no going back. We also came to the realization today that perhaps mom and dad were done with the "big kids" rides. Annie hasn't had the stomach for the loop d'loops for a while. Today, Chris got nauseated on the second ride of the day - a simple umbrella ride, not even an upside down ride. Perhaps it was just a bad day. We'll see.

One good thing about having an even number of kids who can now all ride the same rides is that Mom and Dad aren't forced to ride if we don't want to. It was nice to be able to let them do about all they wanted to do.

The park also has a splash park which was very refreshing this afternoon when the temperature reached into the low 90's.

We'll probably get a later start tomorrow than we have been. It was nine long hours at the park today, then some slooow service at Pizza Hut. The kids and parents are beat.

Signing off for now. Talk to you soon.

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