John and Jacqi on the road again....2008 travel blog

George and Tony lead us into Canada

Another year and gin game....

One of the many historic homes in Niagra on the Lake

"I'm leaning on a lamp post on the corner of the street..."

The beautiful Prince of Wales Hotel

Queen's Park on Lake Ontario


The Maid of the Mist heads for the Falls

Niagra Falls from the Canadian side

No matter how many times you see the falls it never fails...

'Time' spent with a good friend....

Niagara on the Lake

Together again! We met up with Tony and George in Avery Ohio and after a lazy day of catching up on each other’s families we headed out for Canada where we will camp just outside of Niagara. We were there once before to see the falls and on a drive one afternoon we discovered a little town called Niagara on the Lake. It was such a gorgeous little town that we said we’d really like to come back some day and now someday is here! We woke up on our first morning to MORE rain! We have had so much rain in the past few weeks…But by the time we got to town it had let up and we had no rain the rest of the day.

Incorporated in 1792 NOTL (as it is known locally) was named the capital of the Provence of Upper Canada and originally named Newark. It was renamed Niagara in 1798 and the present name NOTL was adopted in 1800 to differentiate it from Niagara. It is the home of many former military sites…Fort George, Navy Hall and Butlers Barracks have been restored. From across the lake Fort George looks like a luxury hotel.

NOTL was one of the first stops for many black Americans on the underground railway as they headed for Upper Canada and safety. Niagara on the Lake was dedicated a Historic District and is being considered for a World Heritage site, The main road and really most of the small roads in NOTL are lined with Regency and Classical Revival buildings. Home to the Bernard Shaw festival (Tony and I asked…no he wasn’t born raised or ever lived here but an avid Shaw fan started the first theater for Shaw plays years ago and now there are three beautiful theaters dedicated to Shaw’s works in the town) the town hosts repertory companies and a collection of guest and resident directors considered some of the best in the world. The festival is in the fall but I think I would love to come back for it someday.

After shopping one side of Main Street we headed home, tomorrow we are going to Niagara Falls.

Rain again this morning….so we got a late start to the falls but once again we lucked out and it cleared up for us by the time we reached Niagara Falls. Like the Grand Canyon it doesn’t matter how many times you have seen Niagara Falls it is just breathtaking. My favorite sight of it still remains the headwaters, it’s just so much power…you can almost feel the earth shake from it. And the power station is a work of art…A beautiful stone building, with carved eaves and corbels it sports copper gutters and window surrounds which have aged to a deep brown and we have seen evidence that the gutters are being replaced by new shiny copper.

After a few hours at the falls and many pictures we drove over to the new casino on the river for lunch. After lunch the guys opted not to shop…I think the black jack tables were calling them… Since we had brought two cars Toni and I decided to head back to NOTL to shop the other side of Main Street. Telling the guys we would be home before dark we headed out. We arrived just in time for a concert on the park…We didn’t stay long because to tell the truth the band was pretty lousy …We spent the next few hours wandering in and out of shops and up and down the pretty side streets admiring the pretty houses and lawns full of the most gorgeous flowers.

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