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Emergency procedure on the ferry

South Sea Island

View from the island #1

View from the island #2

Not your average glass-bottom boat

Coral view #1

Coral view #2

Coral view #3

Lunch is ready!

A most excellent BBQ lunch

Had a rush start to the day after I decided to do a day-trip to one of the islands, "South Sea Island". Booked the trip at almost 8:30am when the island ferry departed at 9am.

Today was an enjoyable day in spite of the periods of just lounging around. There are scheduled activities but you have to do your own thing occasionally. So I did some snorkling, sailed a catamaran (which was easier than the one yesterday for some reason), had a very excellent BBQ lunch, viewed the coral reef through a glass-bottom boat, got a little burnt, met some really nice girls from California, and enjoyed some quiet time - read my book. Oh, and I walked completely around the island - in 10 minutes!

Returned to the hostel some time around 6:30pm and enjoyed dinner and a few drinks with a couple of dorm-mates.

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